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Electric Toothbrush Price in BD

It is no secret that health begins with good hygiene and, in this sense, oral hygiene prevents an infinity of diseases. The simple daily gesture of brushing our teeth several times a day prevents numerous future problems, including coronary ones. For this reason, electric toothbrushes, which maximize the washing experience, are a product that is increasingly in demand.

Finding the best electric toothbrush requires considering several functions and capabilities: the variety of brush heads that adapt to your teeth, the different speeds, the battery life, fast battery charge, the ease of cleaning and the product duration. At Fnac you will find brushes from 3.55 euros, such as the Panasonic EW 0900 W835, up to 267.13 euros, in the case of the Hybrid Sonic Electric Brush which, with its 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute, creates micro-impulses that break down and remove plaque. in a unique way, without damaging the enamel or the gums.

Improving the oral health of the little ones is another of the challenges we find at home. Children ‘s electric toothbrushes are designed to forge this habit in children and adapt to the characteristics of childhood. Thus, the Oral B Star Wars children’s electric toothbrush not only offers 7,600 movements per minute but also covers the experience of brushing teeth with an attractive design linked to the cinema that your children love.

Electric Toothbrush Bangladesh

Whether for a child or an adult, oral hygiene can help you, among many other things, to prevent these diseases. Keep this in mind when choosing an electric toothbrush price in Bangladesh to buy:

It prevents up to 70% of the appearance and development of heart disease.

  • Daily and effective cleaning of teeth is related to a lower incidence of cancer and diabetes.
  • It means fewer visits to the dentist and, therefore, considerable savings in treatments derived from poor oral hygiene.
  • Offer a cared for and healthy image of yourself.