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Humidifier Price in Bangladesh

In the event that you suffer from the consequences of living in a dry area or that the approaching season of the year causes dry skin, chapped lips and other skin problems, the ideal solution is to have a steam humidifier. These useful devices contain a water tank that evaporates when it reaches a high temperature, distributing the steam throughout the room. For this reason, we must pay attention to a series of aspects that will give us the key to finding a mini humidifier price in BD that best suits our needs.

Types of Humidifiers

  • Hot or boiling steam humidifier – In this case, the device heats the water, makes it boil, and releases the moisture. Boiling water has a sterilizing effect and prevents the origin of bacteria. They must be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of lime. These models give off some noise and have the risk of causing burns.
  • Cool mist humidifier – They provide fresher air to the room. Containing cold water reduces the risk of accidents in the home, although it must be cleaned daily because it does not eliminate bacteria as hot water does.
  • Evaporative – It is a cold water tank that evaporates the liquid. In turn, the internal fan that it carries is responsible for releasing the humidity. With this type of humidifier, it is not possible to regulate the humidity level. They are the cheapest, although the fan can make some noise and you have to keep the filters clean.
  • Ultrasonic – The water is hit by high-frequency sounds and those vibrations produce cold steam. Its advantages include the possibility of regulating the humidity level and the minimum energy consumption. They are silent (since they do not have an internal fan) and are easy to maintain (since they do not need filters).