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Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh 2023

Buying a Smartwatch is a very interesting choice. With this type of device, you will have all the notifications from your smartphone on your wrist and even those on your body. With multiple functions, smartwatches are the digital accessory that makes life easier in many ways. If not wrong, you must be searching for smart watch price in BD, with some exclusive features like a waterproof blood pressure monitor, calling, sim card, call function, camera, w26, GPS & Bluetooth connectivity earphones.

Smartwatches offer various types of information on the screen. You can receive notifications, messages, emails or calls without having to consult your smartphone. Most of the models have small internal vibrating motors that inform the wearer about different messages or incoming calls. In addition, smart watches allow you to install additional functions through apps (software applications), so it is possible to use the watch as a so-called Activity-Tracker or activity tracker, among others. Some integrate a GPS (global navigation satellite system), a monitor to measure the pulse or blood pressure. Of course, smartwatches tell the time. Most models include functions of chronograph, alarm and alarm clock.

Smartwatches are electronic wristwatches that add software functions and connectivity. That is, you can link your smartwatch to the smartphone or connect it to the computer so that they can exchange data. It should be noted that the connection with a smartphone is done without cables through bluetooth, a wireless network for voice and data transmission.

The highlights of smartwatches

  • Great variety of functions
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Functionality is extended by apps
  • Various designs: from sports watches to dress watches
  • Elegant materials such as 18-carat gold

Experiencing Smart Watch Price in BD

A smartwatch is an electronic touch watch, with additional sensors and advanced processing functions. Today’s smart watches are capable of displaying additional information, in addition to time. Usually, there may be additional programs called applications, which the user can update or install to get more functionality on the device.

The basic function of smartwatches is the presentation of information that is usually received on the user’s smartphone, for example, notification or the name of the person who is calling.

This should ensure that the smartphone does not have to be used and seen every time a notification is received and only reply to the ones that are important.

Connectivity also allows the display of weather information, web messages, etc. Even in some cases, these types of devices are capable of monitoring human activity in many aspects.

As a result of the fusion of the sensor, the human-machine interface and new operating concepts, numerous applications have been developed that make the user’s life remarkably easier.

In addition, it can be considered as a mobile watch since on many occasions we could carry out all the operations that we would carry out on our terminal through it if we insert a SIM card.

Waterproof Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh

First of all, we are going to explain the protection against the water of any product that we can later extrapolate to the situation of submersible watches and smartwatches.

The protection is expressed in the degree or index of protection, regulated by the international standard IEC 60529. It is indicated with two numbers preceded by the initials IP, in such a way that the first number indicates the protection against dust, and the second number marks the protection against water.

For our case, we are going to see that practically all smartwatches are submersible or support rapid immersion, being in two degrees: IP67 / IP68.

Some smartwatches and sports watches can be used for swimming; this requires a higher degree of protection than IP68. In these cases, the pressure they are capable of withstanding in atmospheres (ATM) or in meters of water column (m) is indicated. Please note that 5ATM is equivalent to 50m.

If the second number is a 7, that is, it says IP67, it means that tests have been carried out in which no water has entered when submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

What can you do with an IP67 smartwatch?

Does this mean that it is submersible and that you can swim with it?

No. When you swim you hit the water with your arm and that “could” cause leaks. You can also dive deeper than certified in the tests.

Will it be damaged if I get into the pool with the smartwatch?

Maybe yes, or maybe not. But it has not met the standards to be considered submersible. Keep in mind that the immersion tests are carried out with the smartwatch just out of the box, without having had a bad blow.

And in the shower? Can I shower with it on?

You can shower with the watch on without problems, but it is better not to focus the jets directly on the watch and keep in mind that soaps can affect the components.

If the second number is an 8, that is, it says IP68, tests have been carried out and shown that it is a submersible smartwatch (it works underwater for a long time that is not defined by the regulations). With these, you can swim in fresh or slightly chlorinated water such as swimming pools.

Android Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh

Figuring out the best smartwatch for Android users is easier said than done, with increasingly strong offerings available from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Garmin and Fitbit.

With so many styles, operating systems, and features on the market today, it can be a lot to take in. Since Android users still can’t pair with the Apple Watch, you’ll have to look a little further and cross that one off your list.

To help you narrow things down, we’ve tested and compiled a list of all the smartwatches worth checking out if you own an Android phone.

Read on to find the best fit for your wrist, and here are our picks, you’ll find a short guide on what to consider before choosing. If you’re looking for a more general overview mobile watch price in bangladesh, you can also add our roundup of the best smartwatches to your reading list.

Apple Smart Watch Price in BD

Despite its small size, the Apple Watch is a very complex device at a technical level and sometimes a small mistake can make the device unusable. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you if your Apple watch won’t finish turning on and is stuck at the apple logo, as you might have a simple and affordable solution to get it working normally again. In out store, we give you a series of tips to get out of that loop and, by the way, so that it doesn’t happen to you again.

This failure is extremely common when you are proceeding to update the software. A new version of watchOS is being installed on your device and suddenly, just when you thought it had finished installing and was going to turn on, it gets stuck showing the Apple logo. We must tell you that, strange as it may seem, on many occasions, it is a normal process. It may be that the watch is still in the software update process even though the classic charging interface does not appear, so we recommend you have a little patience. If after the passage of time it has turned off, try turning it on manually, maybe it will turn on normally now. If too many minutes or even hours have passed and your watch continues to display the Apple logo, there is probably a problem for which we will advise you in the next section.

Ladies Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh

Some of the best watches for women that you can buy this year with designs and functions designed for the female audience.

If you are a woman and want to buy a smartwatch or smart watch, why do you have to look for a specific model for your gender? In reality, any watch is valid for women and men, but there are models that may be more optimal for women.

It’s ridiculous to think that a “men’s” watch can’t be used on women, so when we talk about smartwatches for women we do so referring to models that are typically smaller for slimmer wrists, also with specific features for women’s health such as control of the period.

That is why we have chosen the best watches for women, not because there are exclusive models, but because they are models with a smaller size (taking into account that smartwatch manufacturers tend to make them very large) and because of their health functions.

These watches have the most important basic functions of a smart watch, such as tracking your daily activity such as steps, calories burned or hours of standing. Also sports monitoring or monitoring of your health through sensors.

If you want to give a smartwatch to a woman, or you want to buy one for yourself, these are the best smartwatches you can get right now.

What to look for when buying smart watch

It is not that buying a smart watch requires carrying out a complex study to choose the most appropriate one, although it is true that there are some parameters that must be taken into account. And it is that making mistakes in the purchase is more common than we think. For this reason, we have compiled a series of characteristics that, in our opinion, we believe you should take into account when making a decision about the purchase of bluetooth smart watch:

Use to be made of the device: Knowing that smart watches are more complete than smart bracelets. If you need all the compendium of functions that the smartwatch incorporates, great. Although if your use is going to be reduced, to see the time, receive the occasional notification and simple health measurements, with a bracelet it could be more than enough.

Size: Depending on the watch model, we can find more or fewer variations in the size of the device. And, far from being an aesthetic issue, it is important to choose a size that fits both our wrist and the use we want to make. Too big could be tedious, with an added weight on our wrist that is too uncomfortable, while too small could imply not seeing the content well.

Design: We each have our own tastes and opinions, so objectively there is no perfect design for everyone. However, it is clear that if something does not enter our eyes, it is more difficult to find advantages, despite having them. So, unless you’re sure that the features it offers will satisfy you and make up for it, we wouldn’t recommend buying a smartwatch that “looks ugly to you.”

Resistance to scratches and bumps: Assuming that none of these devices is indestructible, based on their materials we can find that they are more or less resistant to falls or possible friction with objects. Also depending on the activities that you are going to carry out while wearing the watch, observing the quality of the materials in this aspect is essential.

Operating System: We will not find such complete software in a watch as in a wearable computer and not even in a smartphone. However, there are smartwatch systems that may be better than others based on whether they allow you to install third-party apps, the customization options they offer, as well as their compatibility with accessories and smartphones.

Autonomy: We can find watches that offer just one day of autonomy and others of several weeks. Obviously, the more battery they have, the better, although it may not be decisive. For this reason, we urge you to analyze your personal situation and to what extent it might be uncomfortable for you to have to charge the smartwatch every 1-2 days, if you are going to use it sleeping or it may be time to recharge it, if it is uncomfortable for you to have to take it with you an extra charger because you usually go on a trip, etc.

Price: One of the most determining purchase factors that, obviously, could not be missing here. Although it is true that a smartwatch is more expensive than an activity bracelet, we can also find smart watch low price in bangladesh at different ranges. For this reason, we recommend that you be clear about your budget and analyze the entire list of watches, which one best suits this amount based on what you also want from the device.

The best apps for the smartwatch

The functionality of smartwatches using the Android Wear or watchOS operating systems can be easily expanded. For this, it is possible to install small programs or mobile applications. Here are the most useful apps for your smartwatch.

The Runtastic app is one of the most downloaded apps by fitness and running enthusiasts. This app records your activity and provides you with various relevant data such as speed and distance traveled.

Who has not heard of the WhatsApp messaging mobile application? Its functionality on the smartwatch is a bit limited, however, it is possible to read and send messages. In the category of social networks, we find, of course, Facebook and Twitter. Both are available as apps for smartwatches.

Evernote organizes information through notes and is available for both smartphones and tablets. The version for smartwatches include a search function, and a position tracker and syncs with your smartphone.

What is the name of the song you are listening to right now on the radio? The mobile app called Shazam allows you to identify the song that is playing at the moment and the artist that interprets it. The app tells you the result on the touch screen of your smartwatch.

Perhaps it has ever happened to you that you want to take a group photo but there is always one that does not appear in it. Well, this problem is fixed by Wear Camera Remote, a mobile app that works as a remote shutter release, i.e. preview and captures the image by simply tapping the watch face. For the Apple Watch, the Camera Plus app is available, which offers similar functions.

Recommended smartwatches

These days, in 2022, there are countless brands of smartwatches in Bangladesh, but if we want to enjoy good quality and compatibility, we must first know if they are compatible with our smartphones. In this way, we will have an Android smartwatch or an Apple smartwatch among the most used and well-known.

An Android watch is where we will have more possibilities to choose devices since there are numerous brands that manufacture watches for this type of phone and it is also the most widespread operating system in the world.

Those who use the Android Wear operating system developed by Google for this gadget are known. This system is used by many manufacturers such as Asus or Fossil. In this case, the smartwatch is used as an extension of mobile phones rather than as an autonomous device.

Other brands such as the Sony SmartWatch 3 or Samsung Gear are among the most used and offer the best results in the highest quality devices. Here are some brands for both men’s and ladies’ smart watch, you may order online from DwellerCart with the lowest price, that we like to suggest – Walton, Apple, Xiaomi Mi, Samsung, Huawei, Amazfit, COLMI, DT No.1, Haino Teko, Haylou, HOCO, Imilab, Kieslect, KOSPET, Lenovo, Mibro, Microwear, OnePlus, Realme and Zeblaze.

On the other hand, we have Apple smartphones that are only compatible with the devices of the brand. In this way, they achieve enormous optimization and absolute rapport between both devices. They feature exclusive designs and high-quality customizable finishes.

There is also a smartwatch compatible with iPhone that allows you to enjoy excellent features without having to buy the brand’s own.

Whatever device you choose, rest assured that it will make your life easier in many aspects of your day-to-day life.