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Smart Speaker Price in Bangladesh

It is mainly Amazon, Google, and Apple that share the cake of voice assistants. Our experience with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant is essentially determined by two things: our interactions with them and their ecosystem. Searching for smart speaker price in BD, it’ll be a considerable approach to gathering some knowledge about the variety of different smart speakers.

While it is true that screen models favor our experience by making it more intuitive, in reality, the crux of the matter of interactions with a voice assistant lies in its being able to understand our way of communicating, that is, our language structures spoke, pronunciation and contextualization, and from here, answer.

Since its launch, there have been some studies with more or less seriousness trying to figure out which of the voice assistants was the most intelligent looking for the tickles, but in practice, the reality is that there is still a long way to go for the three great alternatives. That is, the human still has to make an effort to make himself understood.

The second issue is much more tangible: the ecosystem, or what is the same, the alliances established with third-party manufacturers so that, for example, we can control our air conditioning, TV, car or refrigerator by voice. And here the closed and robust Apple HomeKit ecosystem plays against it: there are fewer products compatible with Siri so that a manufacturer can develop compatible home electronics it has to meet a series of conditions.

And it is that it was necessary to have an Apple device to use Siri since no manufacturer other than Apple could integrate Siri directly so the iPhone, iPad or HomePod acted as an essential bridge between Siri and home electronics. Hence, there is not yet a smart speaker with Siri that is not from Apple. But this WWDC21 Apple seems to have opened the doors to integrate Siri into third-party devices.

This ecosystem of compatibility is not only limited to hardware, but we may also be interested in using third-party services, such as popular streaming platforms such as Netflix or Spotify.

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