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Bluetooth Speaker Price in Bangladesh

In our online store, you will be able to find the best Bluetooth Speaker Price in Bangladesh, as well as portable speakers. We offer you a wide range of speakers at a low price.

If you want to buy speakers online, at DwellerCart we have all kinds of sound equipment that adapt to your needs. You can choose between speakers for PC, to place permanently in your workspace, or if you prefer, portable Bluetooth speakers to link them to free smartphones and enjoy all your music wherever you are.

Among the brands we work with, you can find speakers from Trust, Energy System, Sony or Samsung. This is the best guarantee to enjoy quality audio, whether it is a fixed or portable speaker. Our long experience as a technology distributor helps us to offer you the leading brands at the best price. For this reason, in our online store, you will find all kinds of fixed speakers and cheap portable speakers with unmatched quality.

There are some main features that you should look at when buying speakers. One of them is the frequency, which is measured in Hertz and indicates the speaker’s ability to reproduce waves. Another of the characteristics to achieve the best sound quality is the sensitivity of the speakers, that is, the intensity of the sound that it is capable of reproducing. The ideal for a loudspeaker is a sensitivity of 100 decibels (dB).

On the other hand, sensitivity should not be confused with speaker power. The latter indicates the maximum power that can be supported before the sound is distorted and is measured in Watts. This technical characteristic is important when buying portable speakers since they are the devices that tend to distort the sound the most.

Best Portable and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker BD

Be that as it may, do not hesitate for a second to consult all your questions through our website. Our team of professionals will solve them instantly.