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TV Box Price in Bangladesh

The market for devices that connect to the television offers very wide and varied alternatives in terms of budget and functionality. For this reason, we must pay attention to a series of aspects that will give us the key to finding the smart TV Box price in BD that best suits our needs.

How to choose a Smart TV Box

This technological device has the Android operating system which becomes usable through the television in question. In order for the panel, regardless of the manufacturer brand, to receive the signal from the smart TV device, it is essential to establish a connection between both elements. Action that is usually performed by means of an HDMI cable.

Resolution, HDR and Accepted Formats

One of the main differences between some models and others is the resolution. In the market, we essentially find players that support 1080p resolution and increasingly, those that offer 4K.

In the case of having a 4K TV, a smart TV that reaches this resolution will allow us to take advantage of the number of pixels per inch of our television if the content also has that resolution. Beyond resolution, we’ll also look at whether they support HDR content and Dolby Vision certification.

A note to keep in mind: only smart TV Boxes with the VP9 codec can play 4K HDR content on YouTube, so if our idea is to use this platform and we have a 4K TV, it is important to make sure of it.

Operating System

Although we are going to focus on the Smart TV Box in use, there are alternative options to turn our TV into a smart TV using a Raspberry Pi or miniPCs with Windows.

Sticking to the Smart TV Boxes designed for this purpose, we will distinguish different operating systems: those of the brands such as Amazon or Apple, Android TV, or just Android with a personalized launcher. When choosing a model with one operating system or another, we will assess the fluidity of the system, its interface, if the main applications are available and if it has updated software.

One question that may arise in this section is what is the difference between Android TV and Android just like that. Android TV is Google’s official interface for televisions, with its own Play Store with applications designed specifically for this operating system. This complete operating system designed for the television can be controlled from a remote control, without the need for keyboards or the touch screens of phones. On the other hand, Android set-top-boxes are systems that integrate the Android Open Source Project or AOSP, with modified launchers to make the typical interface of smartphones and tablets more user-friendly.

Design and Materials

A look at the market reveals two clear trends in terms of design: stick-type smart TV boxes and set-top boxes.

While the former — Google’s Chromecast and Fire TV Stick are two popular examples — plug into the back of the TV, hanging and hidden, the latter are boxes that we’ll leave around the TV. It is common for the simplest models to be of the stick type and for the most complete ones to be box-shaped.


The Smart TV Boxes connect to the internet to receive the content, so if we want the videos to load as soon as possible, we must pay attention to how they do it.

It is interesting that a smart TV Box is compatible with the dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz so that we can connect it to the clearest band to avoid traffic.