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Wireless Headphone Price in Bangladesh

We present a selection of the best Bluetooth wireless headphone price in Bangladesh. Listen to your favorite songs with the best sound quality. Wireless headphones for sports or to enjoy your music without cables or tangles.

We offer you headphones from the best brands. For example, you can find Sony Bluetooth headsets or iPhone Bluetooth headsets. The most advanced technology at a price in BD will surprise you.

Types of Bluetooth Headsets

If you already know that you want wireless headphones, now it’s time to decide on the form. Basically, we can distinguish two types. On the one hand, we have in-ear headphones, which are the headphones of a lifetime. They are inserted into the ear and are light, cheap and not bulky. In addition, as they do not have cables, they provide you with the greatest comfort of use and transport. An example of this class would be the Apple AirPods, the famous Bluetooth headphones for iPhone. For its part, Samsung has the Samsung Gear IconX.

On the other hand, many wireless headphones have the typical headband shape. These in-ear headphones provide you with better sound quality and are perfect for enjoying series and movies. They are bulkier than in-ears, but some models are foldable for easy portability when not in use.

Bluetooth Sports Headphones

If you are going to go for a run, you need Bluetooth running headphones. Listening to music while you exercise is a fun way to get motivated. Set your own pace and get ready to break all your records. And if you have an incoming call, use the handsfree! These sports headphones are usually lightweight and have better support.

With a Bluetooth sports headset, you get two important advantages. On the one hand, you can listen to your songs without disturbing anyone. On the other, the absence of cables prevents tangles and gives you freedom of movement. They are widely used by athletes and people who want to stay in shape.