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Cable Price in BD

Find the cable price in Bangladesh you want in this section by accessing the specific section. You will surely find the perfect cable for what you need, from electrical cables to cables for the transmission of electrical signals.

Computer, Power and Transmission Cables

An electrical cable is a set of one or more cables that run side by side or are tied together, which is used to carry electrical current in most of them, but we also have those that send that electricity as electrical impulses as encoded information.

Electrical cables are used to connect two or more devices, allowing the transfer of electrical signals or power from one device to another.

Cables are used for a wide range of purposes, and each one must be adapted for that purpose. Wires are used in electronic devices for power and signal circuits.

Long-distance communication is carried out through submarine cables specifically manufactured for it.

Power cables are used for massive AC and DC power transmission, especially by high-voltage cables.

Electrical cables are widely used in building wiring for lighting, power, and control circuits permanently installed in buildings. Since all the necessary circuit conductors can be installed in one cable at one time, labor is saved compared to other wiring methods.

Physically, an electrical cable is a set made up of one or more conductors with their own insulation and optional screens. Electrical cables can be made more flexible by braiding them.

In this process, smaller individual wires are twisted together to produce larger wires that are more flexible than solid wires of similar size. Tying small wires before concentric tying adds the most flexibility.

The copper wires in a cable may be bare, or they may be plated with a thin layer of another metal, most often tin, but sometimes gold, silver, or some other material. Tin, gold, and silver are much less prone to oxidation than copper, which can extend the life of the wire and make soldering easier.

Cables can be securely supported and organized, for example by using channels, cable trays, cable ties or cable ties.

Here you will have different types and formats of connection cables for the computer, power for whatever you need or connection between different devices.